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Top 60 Buddha Quotes for a Happier & Peaceful Life (2022)

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These Buddha quotes are carefully chosen to cleanse your soul and uplift your spirit to gain a better understanding of life.

Are you perplexed by this tumultuous world?

People are constantly searching for meaning and peace of mind as a result of the world’s hostilities and predicaments. This quest is just a click away. Thanks to an Indian philosopher named Buddha, who taught people how to embody key virtues that lead to enlightenment. Despite society’s imperfections, enlightened souls are unbothered, living in peace, love, and kindness. 

Among the thousands of excerpts from Buddha’s teaching and precept, this collection of Buddha quotes includes the easiest to understand Buddha quotes.

Find out how to live a life free of greed, sorrow, suffering, or ignorance. Start reading right now to gain more understanding and wisdom that you can apply in your daily life.

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Top Buddha Quotes To Ensure A Morally Good Life

1. “Radiate boundless love towards the entire world.”

2. “If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.”

3. “Be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss your life.”

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4. “A disciplined mind brings happiness.”

5. “To understand everything is to forgive everything.”

6. “Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”

7. “The trouble is, you think you have time.”

8. “The tongue like a sharp knife kills without drawing blood.”

9. “Avoid evil deeds as a man who loves life avoids poison.”

10. “Health is the greatest gift. Contentment is the greatest wealth.”

Buddha Quotes on Ways of Life

11. “Live every act fully, as if it were your last.”

12. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

13. “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”

14. “One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.”

15. “Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, it’ll happen.”

16. “I never see what has been done. I only see what remains to be done.”

17. “Understanding is the heartwood of well-spoken words.”

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18. “When it hurts, observe. Life is trying to teach you something.”

19. “Those who cling to perceptions and views wander the world offending people.”

20. “Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.”

21. “Live with no sense of ‘mine,’ not forming an attachment to experiences.”

22. “Whatever has the nature of arising has the nature of ceasing.”

23. “When watching after yourself, you watch after others. When watching after others, you watch after yourself.”

Inspiring Buddha Quotes on Kindness and Compassion

24. “Conquer anger through gentleness, unkindness through kindness, greed through generosity, and falsehood by truth.”

25. “Ceasing to do evil, cultivating the good, purifying the heart, this is the teaching of the Buddhas.”

26. “Purity and impurity depend on oneself. No one can purify another.”

27. “Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

28. “I will not look at another’s bowl intent on finding fault: a training to be observed.”

29. “Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm, even so, the wise are not affected by praise or blame.”

30. “Nothing ever exists entirely alone. Everything is in relation to everything else.”

31. “A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again, but is he peaceful, loving, and fearless then he is in truth called wise.”

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32. “One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings, one is called noble.”

33. “Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased. This is a law eternal.”

34. “Should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would a guide to hidden treasure.”

35. “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”

Meaningful Buddha Quotes About Love, Peace and Happiness

36. “True love is born from understanding.”

37. “Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child.”

38. “Love is a gift of one’s innermost soul to another so both can be whole.”

39. “The way to happiness is, keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, give much. Fill your life with love. Do as you would be done by.”

40. “If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.”

41. “Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace.”

42. “Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself.”

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43. “Learn this from water: loud splashes the brook, but the oceans’ depth is calm.”

44. “Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that, and all will be well.”

45. “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

46. “Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others.”

47. “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.”

48. “It is ridiculous to think that somebody else can make you happy or unhappy.”

49. “Happiness is not having a lot. Happiness is giving a lot.”

50. “Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.”

Insightful Buddha Quotes for Self Reflection

51. “Good people keep on walking whatever happens. They do not speak vain words and are the same in good fortune and bad. If one desires neither children nor wealth nor power nor success by unfair means, know such a one to be good, wise, and virtuous.”

52. “Train your eyes and ears. Train your nose and tongue. The senses are good friends when they are trained. Train your body in deeds, train your tongue in words, train your mind in thoughts. This training will take you beyond sorrow.”

53. “It is easy to see the faults of others, but difficult to see one’s own faults. One shows the faults of others like chaff winnowed in the wind, but one conceals one’s own faults as a cunning gambler conceals his dice.”

54. “Silence the angry man with love. Silence the ill-natured man with kindness. Silence the miser with generosity. Silence the liar with truth.”

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55. “Everything that happens to us is the result of what we ourselves have thought, said, or done. We alone are responsible for our lives.”

56. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one who gets burned.”

57. “Let him not deceive another nor despise anyone anywhere. In anger or ill-will, let him not wish another ill.”

58. “Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten.”

59. “All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction.”

60. “In separateness lies the world’s greatest misery. In compassion lies the world’s true strength.”

Which of These Buddha Quotes Speaks The Most To You?

Buddha may have lived thousands of years ago but his teaching continues to impact the world today, significantly guiding people to the right path to perfect happiness and peace.

Is it possible to live by these Buddha quotes? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.