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30+ Famous Haim Quotes and Sayings From Your Favorite All-Female Rock Group (2022)

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It’s Haim time in this collection of Haim quotes from the trio siblings that will motivate you to pursue your dreams despite adversity.

The Haim band is an all-female LA band composed of three lovely talented siblings who prove themselves and break stereotypes in the world of rock music. They ascended the success ladder thanks to their supportive parents, who taught them how to play the guitar and drums.

The group, like many other musicians, had humble beginnings, performing at street fairs and charity events. That is why, when they are given a big break, they don’t waste it and instead work hard to be successful in the music industry. Despite the fact that some people believe that rock music is only for men, they show their talent and prove them wrong.

If you want to learn more about these talented ladies, scroll down to see the full list of Haim quotes!

Best Haim Quotes

1. “I think as I grew older it was almost like the more negative comments I got, the stronger I got in a weird way. I used it as fuel to protect myself and to stand up for myself.” – Este Haim

2. “I’ve always loved being alone…but what I’m taking out of this whole experience is that I miss physical contact.” – Alana Haim

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3. “I’m not going to say ‘no’ to anything ever again.” – Este Haim

4. “I just want to see around beautiful things. I don’t realize how much I miss out on just seeing beautiful scenery.” – Alana Haim

Alana Haim Quotes (Haim Band Lead Vocalist)

5. “That might be my first thing out of quarantine. After hugging mom and dad, I’m going to the roller rink.” – Alana Haim

6. “I love LA, but we don’t really have beautiful natural things to look at. I just want to be in nature and go back to my roots and just see beautiful things, that’s really all I want.” – Alana Haim

7. “I want to be in New Zealand so badly. I’ve dreamt about coming to New Zealand ever since I was a kid.” – Alana Haim

Haim Quotes sample image
Haim Quotes Sample Image

8. “I’ve always been obsessed with tigers. I love white tigers. I think they’re very glamorous in a weird way.” – Alana Haim

9. “I’ve only seen pictures of New Zealand but everything I see is so pretty. Your eyes just… I don’t think my eyes could take in the beauty!” – Alana Haim

Danielle Haim Quotes (Haim Band Main Vocalist)

10. “We were trying to break down the barrier of sounding like we were in the studio.” – Danielle Haim

11. “I spent so much time playing with other people and admiring them, and having a day job, too, and wishing this could be our day job and that music could be how we make our living.” – Danielle Haim

12. “I feel like because we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we do choreography in our music videos, sometimes the rock community doesn’t take us seriously.” – Danielle Haim

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13. “Now we’ve gone for a tighter drum sound…but on this one we wanted it to feel like you’re just standing next to us.” – Danielle Haim

14. “Yeah, to be more aggressive. It’s something we think about a lot: Maybe if we just strictly played our instruments in music videos, not dancing around and stuff, would the rock community take us more seriously as a band?” – Danielle Haim

15. “And yeah, it sucked, but that’s the idea with this album. We’ve gone through a lot of stuff in the last couple of years but now we’re like ‘Whatever, we’ll just do our own thing’ We just don’t care anymore, you know?” – Danielle Haim

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Este Haim Quotes (Haim Band Bass Guitarist)

16. “The first time I picked up the guitar was in my mother’s bedroom.” – Este Haim

17. “Touring is one of the only things that brings me joy.” – Este Haim

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18. “And the beauty of guitar is, if you know two or three chords you also know like seven billion songs.” – Este Haim

19. “As a musician your normal work schedule is you conceptualize something, write it, record it, put it out, tour. Lather, rinse, repeat. So for this it was just weird.” – Este Haim

20. “We were so excited for people to hear the music and we worked so hard on it and we really put every ounce of our being in this body of work.” – Este Haim

21. “You know, the record came out and we were all very stringently quarantining at the time. So I cheered for them over FaceTime which was weird and sad. You know in normal times we would be getting wasted and hugging each other and crying.” – Este Haim

22. “And I think growing up playing the bass, there were definitely times where playing the bass gave me a ticket into hanging out with all the boys that were playing instruments. Because I was like, ‘I’m a bass player’ at like 10.” – Este Haim

23. “For us that was such a great way…even though it was through a screen…to see the people that enjoy our music which is so cool and still so surreal. Like I said, we conceptualize and start jotting down ideas for songs in Danielle’s living room and all of a sudden everyone else has access to it and asking us about lyrics. It’s pretty surreal, but I love it.” – Este Haim

24. “Totally! And guitar still to this day eludes me. I mean if I am writing songs I can like, I know a bunch of chords but can I solo like Danielle and Alana can? No, I can’t, I can barely, I also don’t play with a pick I play with my fingers so the idea of noodling around on a guitar with a pick is so foreign and not my shit. So I play with my fingers.” – Este Haim

Haim Quotes That Clearly Show Their Support for Feminism

25. “Well Fender did a study a couple of years ago and found that 50% of new guitar owners were women. You know with that statistic, I was over the moon.” – Este Haim

26. “We went to alternative radio stations in the States and there won’t even be a girl’s restroom.” – Este Haim

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27. “Every time we walk into the studio, the engineer is a man, there’s no equal opportunity.” – Danielle Haim

28. “And I think unfortunately it does have to do with us being an all-female band. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not saying this right, but I can’t wrap my head around it.” – Danielle Haim

29. Danielle Haim: “I feel like they want us to be more… I don’t know…”

Este Haim: “Brooding and aggressive?”

Haim Quotes That Show How They Value Their Family

30. “This is the longest the three of us have been separate, I even bought a back-scratcher because I didn’t have anyone to scratch me.” – Este Haim

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31. “The first thing I’m going to do when quarantine is over is literally jump into my parents’ arms. I just want to hug my mom and my dad. That’s all I want to do.” – Alana Haim

32. “Sometimes it feels like they’re the only two people that truly understand me and support me when I feel like giving up.” – Este Haim

33. Alana Haim: “You can do that, but I’m going to go and be with mom and dad and I’ll be the favorite daughter.”

Este Haim: “Well, you’ve got some catching up to do, because I’m mom and dad’s favorite.”

Haim Quotes on How They Admire Other Artists

34. “I love Rihanna, Rihanna seems like a fun person to be friends with, she seems like a fun time to be [around].” – Alana Haim

35. “I know hands down I would lose for sure, but I would love to just dance with Beyoncé.” – Alana Haim

36. “I would love to be friends with Kendrick Lamar because I am just a huge fan of his music, I think he is so cool and he uses so many interesting sounds and has such good melodies and is just a beautiful rapper, his raps are just so well-written and his tracks are so insane, I am obsessed with him.” – Alana Haim

Did These Haim Quotes Inspire You to Show Off Your Skills and Embrace Your Uniqueness?

Since 2013, this American pop rock band has been rocking our world with their catchy lyrics and on-stage performance. Their talent has been recognized, as evidenced by nominations to award-giving bodies such as the Brit Awards, GAFFA Awards, Grammy Awards, and many more.

Some will undoubtedly underestimate you, especially if they are unaware of your talent. Remember that you can’t please everyone, so don’t let their negativity get the best of you; instead, keep going and never give up on your dreams.

We hope that these Haim quotes inspire you to pursue your dreams in the face of adversity. Because failure is inevitable, what matters is how you bounce back and keep going.

Which of these Haim quotes inspire you the most? What is your favorite Haim band song? Let us know in the comments below.

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